Our mission

EarthStar Food and Spices' primary mission is to sell the best whole fresh food and freshly ground or whole spices and educate people on how real food can be used, with a simple life style, for Your best health and true wellbeing, long term.

Our products come to you in the Spice n Easy brand which is very well known as a current leading supplier, to all good food stores, of quality health foods, 'super foods' organic foods, dried herbs and whole and freshly ground spices. We do not compromise on quality and no one can beat us for value for money. We source our products from all over the world and many of the spices are ground and or mixed here in NZ and are free from import irradiation. We do not necessarily support the biggest suppliers, rather aiming for quality over quantity and price, however You would be hard pressed to beat our prices for similar sized packaged goods.

Tony Knights expertise in selling the Himalayan Salt brought him in touch with the world of spices and the realisation of their value to the health of all human beings when considering the ancient esteem by which spices were used and traded by all ancient cultures worldwide.

And of course food is the very stuff by which we are made. "You are what you eat" is not a cliche for nothing, because it is a truth! In all healthy, nutrient dense Whole food, you have all the minerals, vitamins and life sustaining qualities needed to not only live, but with which to thrive and heal your body and entire "being". It is not just about WHAT you eat either, but how, when, where and why you eat!

The term EarthStar was inspired by the fact that all food and even every living being and thing ON Earth is MADE of the Earth! Soil is millions of microorganisms and essentially nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen with trace elements or minerals.....and so are YOU! And without the Sun, our closest Star, nothing would or could exist! There would be no heat, no light, no photons, and nothing would grow! The Sun creates photosynthesis in plants to allow the nutrients to be made and of course this is just one of a myriad of basic functions that our Sun Light does to support Life.

So it makes total sense and logic that we can use food with its various elements to assist us in creating a healthy Life. However this is not a quick fix by any means, in fact it is a lifelong mission and we are on that journey too! We are not perfect and free of health issues, we have been growing in awareness and hence what we are learning and applying we are also teaching and in our case also selling! We believe in this so much that we are living it, literally!
Along with good wholesome food, the other basic elements we believe are necessary to create a healthy life, in simple terms are; good hydration, exercise/nature/Sunshine, stillness or meditation, a passion and/or purpose in life ( or that could said as a purpose FOR Life), healthy loving relationships and family connections, good positive communications or thoughts and to believe in a higher power, Great Spirit or God.

For Tony Knight his personal purpose or mission in his life is to learn to live and apply these basic elemental values into his own life, with the ultimate goal being FREEDOM in all areas on all levels of Life. We believe this conscious journey to freedom starts with Food along with water, sunshine and breathing.....all of these elements of life correspond to the four basic elements needed FOR life, I.e. Earth, Water, Fire and Air, which when integrated, along with the fifth element of Ether (consciousness), you reach your full potential as a spiritual being....having a human experience.
To us all it starts with the food, just as the tree needs its roots firmly in the ground to grow, so good food helps us to gain our "roots" and we can start with the bodily health first. As we get healthier, I.e we get more energy, we can then help to uplift the mind and clear emotions but this is another story!

For now, thank you for your attention and I hope your intention is to start, or continue, your journey to wholeness!

Whole food medicine wholesome Life!