About EarthStar and Tony Knight

EarthStar Food & Spice Merchants and Tony Knight is the distributor and 'face' for the Spice n Easy Brand products and this online store has been set up to mirror their extensive range of products in dried herbs, whole and freshly ground spices, whole foods and organic super foods.

After several years of travelling the globe and living overseas, Tony returned to NZ in 1994. Totally inspired by the way indigenous cultures lived, he created a range of successful 'eco/natural health' businesses including Jewel in the Lotus retail store, Lotus Essential Oils, Lotus India journeys, Lotus Promotions and more recently he was a partner in the successful Healthy Salt Company, Tony was the first person to bring the Himalayan pink salt to the NZ stores.
After selling his share of The Healthy Salt Company in 2011, he has now formed EarthStar Food and Spice Merchants (a trading division of Earthstar Holistic Living Un Limited) . This company Is designed to promote and educate people in the healing properties of food and spices and a whole "way of life" that also encopasses the vital aspect that "Whole food is our best medicine". As Hippocrates the Father of medern medicine said, "let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food".

Tony knight is now 'living the dream' on a 5 acre lifestyle property we have dubbed 'Eden Valley, with his partner Jenni. Here we have the good fortune to be able to experiment with "living the ways we teach" by doing such things as making our own juices, smoothies and fermented drinks, growing our own vegetables and fruit, using raw milk, experimenting with the foods and spices We sell, recycling almost everything, making our own mulch & compost, collecting all rain water, collecting our own firewood, meditation & music events and generally enjoying the fruits of the hard work that comes from living a lifestyle that incorporates the best the material world offers, while also living down to Earth and relatively sustainable living.

"Business and Life and intricately intertwined. We work on our businesses to provide a life-style, and we work on our Life in order to BE better, and therefore We give back, or DO something via business (work) that is truly sustainable and life enhancing" Tony Knight.

The EarthStar Ship Enterprise is en route to Shamballa!